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    Looking ahead to the 5th International Vitamin Conference: What can we learn from the leading experts in healthy aging research?

    The global population of people aged 60+ is projected to exceed two billion by 2050, and the number of people over 80 years of age is expected to be three times higher in 2050 than it was in 2013.[1] While increased longevity in many countries is a positive development, these additional years are often accompanied by a variety of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and other age-related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. These conditions can have a major impact on the quality of people’s lives, while also placing a significant financial burden on healthcare systems around the world. As such, approaches to healthier aging will be a key focus at this year’s International Vitamin Conference.

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    How do athletes optimize performance throughout the entire sports journey?

    There is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to sports nutrition. The varied requirements of athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts have meant that consumers are increasingly looking to tailored products and customized solutions. From muscle function, to endurance and recovery, nutritional ingredients are being selected for their ability to offer targeted health benefits throughout the entire sports journey.


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    High-performance partnerships: how PeptoPro® supports Team Sunweb cyclists

    The demand for sports nutrition is ever growing, with the global market expected to reach USD 81.5 billion by 2023. For athletes and professional sportspeople, performance is everything – which means their nutrition must be able to deliver. In particular, the demands of endurance events make hydration key, with just 2% fluid loss during exercise diminishing performance by at least 10%. This year’s Giro d’Italia saw professional cycling team, Team Sunweb, taking their nutrition to the next level in collaboration with DSM and BORN, with high-performance beverage ISO PRO+.

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    Hidden hunger: the role of policy and nutrition in supporting healthy aging

    The New York Academy of Sciences event, ‘Hidden Hunger: Solutions for America’s aging population’, took place in Washington DC, and welcomed public health officials, healthcare practitioners and scientists from across the globe. Of particular interest at the event was the current status of hidden hunger in the US, and the role that policies can play in encouraging quality health care practices to promote adequate nutrition in the elderly.

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    Can nutrition help to protect our eyes as we age?

    March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, which provides a valuable opportunity to consider the impact our lifestyles and day-to-day activities can have on eye health throughout life. With daily consumption of digital technology increasingly widespread across the globe, particularly in office environments, chronic eye problems and injuries are no longer restricted to those in dangerous or labor-intensive careers. Indeed, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that long-term, prolonged exposure to blue light from sunlight and digital devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, may contribute to an increased risk of visual impairment in later life.

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