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    Circulating Carotenoid Concentrations, Disease Risk, and Genetics

    Scientific interest in antioxidants seems to be waning – for no apparent reason. If anything, limited consumption of vegetables (and fruit) should be driving consumer and researcher interest. Why? Because previous studies have found maintaining high concentrations of serum carotenoids may protect against heart attacks, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease mortality.

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    Think Nutrient Deficiencies are History in US? Think Again

    Nutrient deficiencies are often thought of as a thing of the past. You often hear that Americans are quite well nourished, despite the fact that inadequate intake of nutrients like vitamin D from the diet is nearly ubiquitous in America today. In 2012, the CDC released figures demonstrating the prevalence of individual deficiencies based on nationally representative biochemical assessment data from the latest round of NHANES showing that, contrary to popular belief, deficiencies are very much present in the modern day United States.

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    Winter Storm Remus: Take Care Outside and Inside

    Another winter storm, Remus, is traversing the US. More than 175 million people from the Upper Midwest to the interior South and Northwest will have to endure severe cold conditions. Without doubt, people living in these regions will not be exposing much skin for vitamin D synthesis in the skin.

    Cold weather is one of the environmental factors contributing to low vitamin D status. Genetics is another factor. Hansen and colleagues report that 55% of African Americans studied in the Health ABC Study were vitamin D insufficient 

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    Vitamin D helps power athletic performance

    Optimal nutrition is essential for supporting physical activity as well as athletic performance.  The importance of protein and electrolytes including sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium for performance and recovery are well-known and are widely found in sports bars and energy drinks.  The role of other nutrients for performance is beginning to be appreciated and a recent study by Maroon and colleagues is sure to peak interest around vitamin D, especially among aspiring football players or parents cheering from the sidelines.  

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    Possible Concentrations of an Essential Element in the Diet

    Selenium and Chemoprevention: What Did We Learn About Nutrient Status?

    Often in science, different people look at the same data and walk away with different conclusions and interpretations, and the subsequent debate is what often leads to discovery and insight. Two publications released in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on the relationship between selenium and prostate cancer are examples of this continued debate. What can we learn from these reports?

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