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The Hungarian Stringbike

A unique bike made with Dyneema®

11 April 2012 - At a Technical University in Hungary in the early 90s, at a time in their lives when most of us are only concerned with partying, sleeping in and passing our courses, a group of cycling enthusiast friends set out to improve the bicycle. What they created was the Stringbike.

The Stringbike doesn’t fill a gap in the market or solve an unanswerable question. It’s one of those unique inventions that takes something we already use and simply makes it better (and way cooler). It eliminates the need for conventional chains, derailleurs or gear shift mechanisms, all the bits of a bike that, if something were to go wrong, would stop your bike tour dead. By using Dyneema® fibres the young team of innovators have created a drive system that never fails. The Stringbike runs smoother, lasts longer and looks better than any bike on the market. For more details on the mechanics that make it go and the history behind it, here’s their website or if you’re interested in seeing how it rides, here is a really great review done by WIRED.

This summer Hungarian Ferenc Szonyi will be riding the Stringbike in the 2012 Race Across America, an insane cycle race starting in Los Angeles and ending in New York City. Now that’s one way to put your invention to the test!

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