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Welcome to the Remote Access Portal

Choose the nearest location:

If your location is unavailable at this moment, please choose an alternative location.

Europe, Africa


Connect to the DSM Remote Access Portal most appropriate to your location automatically.

The DSM Remote Access Portal provides you the following options:

Connect to DSM Web Mail

Access to your mail from any computer at any time.

Connect to Server Based Computing (SBC4DSM)

A complete Aurora desktop with access to your email, files and common applications from any computer at any time. (please see the user manual for the exact applications).

Please note: only specific users have access to Server Based Computing

Connect to your entire Aurora Environment (VPN)

All Aurora functionality is available to provide you access to the Aurora environment using your Aurora laptop at any time.


Please refer to this Quick Reference Card for more information how to use RAS.

In case of technical or functional Remote Access Service questions or incidents please contact your DSM ICT Service desk via email or call 88888 (internal) / 00800 123 88888 (external).