DSM Advanced Surfaces

DSM Advanced Surfaces provides solutions for the development and application of smart coatings. Our current product, KhepriCoat®, is designed for glass and we aim to expand this range into smart coatings for plastics and films.
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KhepriCoat® enables glass to transmit more light, instead of reflecting it, thus boosting performance across a range of industries and applications including:

  • The solar energy industry
  • Horticultural and agricultural greenhouses
  • The lighting industry

KhepriCoat® is the best-performing anti-reflective coating technology for solar cover glass on the market. By reducing the amount of sunlight that is simply reflected back off the panels, KhepriCoat® ensures that more of the sun’s energy is captured – and therefore more energy produced by each solar panel. This is an important sustainability advantage – and a great example of how DSM is using its technology to help address climate change.

DSM is also exploring opportunities in other areas where our technologies can meet current and future market demands. This journey is made in close collaboration with industry partners and (potential) customers.


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