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DSM Bio-based Products & Services

Drawing on DSM’s unique position in biotechnology, materials sciences and chemistry, DSM Bio-based Products & Services is pioneering advances in renewable energies such as cellulosic bio-ethanol and in renewable building blocks like bio-based succinic acid.
Pioneering advances in renewable energies

DSM Bio-based Products & Services leads the field in biomass conversion and seeks to demonstrate the commercial viability of sustainable, renewable technologies in collaboration with strategic partners in the value chain. DSM’s strategy is to license its technology and expertise to bio-based entrepreneurs, enabling them to convert biomass in a commercially viable and sustainable way.

POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels

POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels, LLC - Cellulosic bio-ethanol

In January 2012 DSM announced a joint venture with US-based POET, LLC, one of the world’s largest bio-ethanol producers, to commercially demonstrate and license cellulosic bio-ethanol. This is derived from corn crop residue (biomass) by way of a biological process using enzymatic hydrolysis followed by fermentation.


DSM & Roquette - Bio-based succinic acid

In May 2011 DSM and the French starch and starch derivatives company Roquette Frères announced that they would build a commercial scale plant for the production of bio-based succinic acid, the first non-fossil feedstock derived chemical building block that allows customers in the chemical industry to choose a bio-based alternative with a lower eco-footprint for a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear.

Bio-based Chemicals

It is DSM’s ambition to further strengthen its portfolio in bio-based chemicals and materials. DSM is currently exploring multiple routes using its competencies in both chemistry and biotechnology. The exciting technology being developed can be used as a platform for the development of other high potential bio-based building blocks and/or platform molecules.