DSM Bio-based Products & Services

DSM Bio-based Products & Services is a frontrunner in creating a bio-based, sustainable future. Major biotechnology advances are opening up opportunities in the production of biofuels and bio-based materials made from cellulosic biomass.
DSM wins ‘Breakthrough Technology of the Year’

Recent DSM breakthroughs will enable the competitive, viable manufacture of biofuels and, over time, of bio-based chemicals and materials from cellulosic raw materials (a.k.a. ‘second generation’). Furthermore, our efforts to develop technological solutions for bio-based manufacturing processes are set to optimize the output of the biorefinery.

These breakthroughs include a cocktail of thermostable enzymes to break down agricultural side streams or energy crops - such as corn crop or sugarcane residue and wood chips – and open up the sugars in the broth for further processing. Secondly, DSM developed a multi-purpose advanced yeast that is capable of efficient co-fermentation of C6 and C5 sugars. The production processes from cellulosic biomass are characterized by improved carbon footprints and do not have a negative effect on food production resources.

DSM intends to collaborate with strategic partners along the value chain to implement solutions for the bio-based economy, offering customers a reduced carbon footprint for their products.


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