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Innovation at DSM

The art of creating business from knowledge

Innovation is what turns DSM’s ‘Bright Science’ into ‘Brighter Living’. It is about discovering and integrating the best, the most sustainable and commercially viable solutions to meet market needs and to drive profitable growth.

How are we doing?

DSM has successfully increased the proportion of innovative products and services it provides to customers. Innovation sales, defined as products and applications that have been introduced over the last five years, accounted for 22% of total sales in 2016. Going forward we aim to maintain a level of around 20%.

Emerging Business Areas

Besides supporting innovation in the company’s core businesses, the DSM Innovation Center also aims to develop its Emerging Business Areas (EBAs) established over the last five years. These are new and promising growth platforms outside the scope of the company’s business groups. They comprise DSM Biomedical, focused on innovative materials for medical devices; DSM Bio-based Products & Services, which focuses on clean energy from crop residues as well as bio-chemicals with enzymes and yeasts for biomass conversion; and DSM Advanced Surfaces, which offers yield-boosting solutions for solar energy.