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Long-term innovation – caring for tomorrow’s world

Our broad spectrum of businesses cover a large proportion of the needs of our society. However, to address the great challenges that we will be facing with 9 billion people on the planet, more is still needed. In order to meet these needs, DSM also creates new growth platforms not (yet) within the scope of our current businesses. 

Our Business Incubator forms the cradle for these developments. Located in our worldwide Innovation Centers (we have Innovation Centers in the Netherlands, India and China), we scout local markets worldwide in search of new activities. 

Projects from the Incubator that have the potential to grow into a significant business can be turned into growth platforms. Growth platforms are organized into what we call EBA's, Emerging Business Areas. Our EBA's form the ideal combination of large and small companies: they are organized as separate units, with the agility and flexibility of a start-up, yet can still benefit from all the services and resources that a large company like DSM has to offer.

As part of the DSM Innovation Center, we currently have 3 EBA's: Biomedical, Advanced Surfaces and Bio-based Products and Services. It is our ambition to turn these platforms into fully-fledged business entities within the course of this decade.