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Open innovation – sharing the brightest ideas

No matter how good we are in what we do, we recognize and embrace that there will always be a an abundance of great ideas outside DSM.

We connect and collaborate, finding partners to team up with in creating solutions for a brighter world. We continually look to grow our networks, with academic institutions, suppliers, partner companies, even competitors!

‘Proudly found elsewhere’ is the mantra of open innovation. DSM no longer focuses on trying to do everything ourselves. It’s the collaboration that matters; sharing a stake in the best technology with the maximum market reach, all developed at cutting-edge speed. The 'Open Innovation Funnel’ is our guiding principle we work with.

We collaborate at all stages of the chain, be it through sourcing, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales…. you name it. And our Venturing subsidiary invests in outside start-ups.. 

A very important element of open innovation is licensing. It is either used to get access to intellectual property generated by third parties, what’s known as in-licensing, in order to accelerate product development in your company; or it is used to create value by ‘out-licensing’ DSM technologies, either as part of a business model, or as value creation for idle IP.

Venturing is an integral part of our open innovation approach. We actively invest in start-up companies that create innovative products and services in health, nutrition and materials, because we believe that together we can create a better world.

By exploring emerging markets and technologies with these partners, we can enhance our innovation and growth potential, and also establish mutual benefits and learning opportunities. Besides offering financial support, DSM Venturing provides start-up companies with access to knowledge, resources and networks.