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A market-oriented approach

We’re a market-oriented company active in health, nutrition and materials. This means we are organized squarely around the needs of customers and end-users across some 16 global markets - from animal and human nutrition & health to textiles & clothing.

Piglet in arms

Animal Nutrition & Health

From chicken and fish to swine, cows and pets, DSM is unique in animal nutrition. We provide the highest quality ingredients and additives for animal feed that produce healthier animals for better meat and eggs.

Child in car

Automotive / Transportation

Our plastics, resins and fibers help build lighter, stronger, safer and more sustainable vehicles - from under-the-hood and powertrain applications to steering wheels, the chassis, airbags, pipes, hoses, interiors and exteriors.

Family looking at building plans

Building & Construction

Our resins, plastics and fibers are used in everything from anti-graffiti coatings for buildings to floor coatings, from industrial lifting and pulling gear to parts for large constuction plant and machinery.

Young woman on the phone

Electrical & Electronics

Our materials and expertise safeguard the world’s fiber-optic cables, for connectors used in consumer electronics like smart phones, tablets and notebooks; as well as power leads and halogen-free miniature components.

Solar panels


From unlocking the key to delivering commerical-scale celluloic ethanol to coatings to maximize the efficiency of sloar glass…we’re putting all our energy into conserving - and creating - energy.

Family eating

Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

DSM is the leading global producer of ingredients and vitamins, carotenoids and premixes for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our ingredients contribute to dairy, baking, juice, beer, wine and savory products.

Young couple leaning on the back of a sofa


From resins for fine wooden furniture to office chairs. From revolutionary prototyping techniques to our Niaga® technology closing the carpet materials loop, DSM sits pretty in the furniture market.

Policeman wearing bullet resistant vest

Life Protection

Our Dyneema® material helps make the protective vests, helmets and vehicles that protect the world’s armed forces, law enforcement professionals – and citizens.

Interior industrial plant

Manufacturing & Equipment

We help the world’s manufacturers produce better products. Our resins are used in everything from huge earth-moving vehicles to industrial metal; our plastics are used for industrial pipes and hoses, tubes and tanks.

Ship's wake


Our work in the marine industry covers everything from super-durable resins that protect boats, to next-generation fishing equipment that catches more fish and uses less fuel, to oil exploration.



DSM's biomaterials are used in medical devices ranging from super-strong sutures to artificial hearts; to innovative drug delivery systems; to coatings that make instruments easier to implant. Next stop, regenerative medicine.

Packaged cheese

Packaging & Graphic Arts

Can coatings. Food packaging. Cooking and freezer bags. Glues and adhesives. Film and foil. Inks. Paper and cardboard. Flexible packaging. Film coatings. Intelligent packaging. Our plastics and resins have it covered.

Painting a wall yellow

Paint & Coatings

Whether in high-end decoration, or paints for extreme environments, DSM's resins are key components. And we’re creating generations of waterborne, high solids solvent borne, and powder products.

Personal Care

Personal Care

We create an unrivalled range of vitamins and special ingredients for use on human skin & hair - in everything from sun protection cream to anti-aging skincare peptides to hair styling products.

Team Giant-Alpecin shorts containing Dyneema® fiber

Sports, Leisure & Consumer Goods

From skiing to sailing to bobsleighing and golf balls, we're into sport. Around the home our plastics and resins can be found in everything from power tools to white goods.

Fashion designer in studio

Textiles & Clothing

Our contribution to textiles covers everything from sport and leisure clothing, to an innovative sustainable carpet technology,  to textile adhesives and coatings for the fabric and leather industry.