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Who we are

Who we are as a company is the result of strategic choices that we have made. These in turn are based on our mission and our core value; they define what we believe in and how we go about our business.

Our mission

Our purpose is to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come.

Our core value

Our mission is supported by our core value: Sustainability. Everything we do should contribute to a more sustainable world. To us, achieving sustainability means simultaneously pursuing economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. In other words, we strive to create value on the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit simultaneously.

Our brand promise

Bright Science. Brighter Living™. This sums up who we are, what we stand for and what we aim to achieve.

These four words are the shorthand for our mission, our beliefs and our behaviors – a promise that we make to the world in which we operate.

Bright Science. Brighter Living™.

Bright Science refers to the way in which we connect our unique range of scientific competences to focus on the defining challenges facing our world in the fields of Climate & Energy and Health & Wellness. We partner with customers and other stakeholders – then we share ideas, insights and inspiration to create innovative and sustainable solutions that address these key challenges facing society.

Brighter Living refers to our commitment to creating products and solutions that make a positive difference to people’s lives. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve quality of life, and we seek to make a positive contribution to the lives of people today and generations to come.