This is not a rehearsal…

Internships are important to us and we take our interns very seriously. A DSM internship gives you a superb window into our company, and offers us a great way of assessing where you could fit into our organization.
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Have you ever wondered what the world of work offers? Take an internship with DSM and we promise you, it will be much more than a rehearsal – you will be doing the real thing. As you’d expect, we offer a broad range of internships for all types of graduates and non-graduates, and we even have a new, improved MBA program. Generally speaking, our internships last three to six months, and you could be working anywhere.

Who are you?

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Any intern that comes to work for us should be genuinely interested in what we do and who we are. We produce products that help people and the world. We’re all about sustainability and innovation. So it should come as no surprise that we expect you to be creative, and to care about the planet and what goes on in the world. And, of course, to perform to the best of your ability.

What we offer

We will take you and your ideas seriously, and we’re going to offer you a chance to really improve your skills. We’ll be upfront, with an open-door policy, and we’ll help you discover and demonstrate your talents. You’ll have a chance to learn from the best people, and you’ll also be exposed to a number of career opportunities. Who knows? It may be the start of a beautiful career.

Wide range of internships

We offer internships in almost all disciplines within DSM, including non-academic ones: Human Resource Management, ICT, Manufacturing and Technology, Finance & Control, Demand and Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Sales and Research and Development.


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