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Turning bright ideas into brilliant products

As a science-based company our continuing success will be measured by one factor above all others: our innovative strength – and in particular our ability to develop new products, brands and services that help people in our key market clusters of Health, Nutrition and Materials.


In the field of biomedical materials our combination of expertise in life sciences and materials sciences has inspired a new generation of artificial limbs and prosthetic devices that are literally changing people’s lives (six million and counting).

Our family of nutraceuticals help consumers perform at their peak – as well as coping with future health concerns - like cardiovascular disease and weight management.


Our expertise in enzymes drives much of our innovation in the field of nutrition. DSM has a unique family of ingredients that help improve the quality, taste and storage life of milk, cheese, beer, wine, fruit juice and various savory products – to the benefit of our customers, consumers and the planet.

Of course, innovation isn’t just about science. It’s about how you apply it. As the world’s largest supplier of vitamins we have developed a truly unique product for the world’s undernourished – MixMe™. It’s a small packet of essential nutrients that enriches the diets – and lives – of potentially around two billion people.


We are one of the world’s leaders in materials sciences, with a track record stretching back decades. Our Dyneema® polyethylene fiber is the world’s strongest fiber™ - used in a variety of applications from life protection equipment to stronger fishing nets. In engineering plastics our flagship Akulon® brand is superior not just to other plastics but also, in some applications, to metals. It is used in everything from cars to clothing.

Bright science

DSM is developing products that don’t just mimic nature but actually incorporate nature itself. We have for example developed new personal care products based on alpine plants and resins and plastics that are bio-based rather than reliant on increasingly scarce and expensive fossil fuels.

Innovation is an attitude. It’s a way of life. And ultimately it’s about bright science.