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Animal Nutrition & Health

Providing nutritional solutions to the global and local feed industry.

Animal Nutrition & Health >

Automotive / Transportation

Sustainable, next-generation materials for vehicles and planes.

Automotive / Transportation >

Building & Construction

Supporting the industry with innovative resins and plastics.

Building & Construction >

Electrical & Electronics

Creating smaller, thinner, smarter and greener products.

Electrical & Electronics >


Powering cellulosic ethanol, the sun, oil and gas to energize our planet.

Energy >

Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

From basic nutrition to natural enzymes and special ingredients.

Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements >


Creating smarter, prettier, longer-lasting furniture (with less solvents).

Furniture >

Life Protection

Ultra-strong and flexible materials for protective vests, helmets and vehicles.

Life Protection >

Manufacturing & Equipment

Materials and technologies that improve efficiency and safety.

Manufacturing & Equipment >


Ropes, lines, and nets for fishing; coatings for vessels plus wind-powered shipping.

Marine >


Pioneering innovative biomaterials and regenerative medical devices.

Medical >

Packaging & Graphic Arts

Materials for food packaging, adhesives, paper and cans.

Packaging & Graphic Arts >

Paint & Coatings

Waterborne, powder, UV and other coating resins for decorative paints and protective coatings.

Paint & Coatings >

Personal Care

Beauty care ingredients for skin, sun and hair.

Personal Care >

Sports, Leisure & Consumer Goods

Fibers, plastics and resins for everyday life.

Sports, Leisure & Consumer Goods >

Textiles & Clothing

Yarn, resins, plastics and fibers with a wide variety of applications.

Textiles & Clothing >