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Natural marine algae technology

In 2017 DSM and Evonik announced their intention to establish a joint venture, Veramaris®, for omega-3 fatty acid products from natural marine algae for animal nutrition. This breakthrough innovation will, for the first time, enable the production of omega-3 fatty acids for animal nutrition without using fish oil from wild caught fish, a finite resource. Evonik and DSM’s alternative omega-3 source is the first to offer both EPA and DHA and will be aimed at initial applications in salmon aquaculture and pet food.

It is expected that the initial annual production capacity of the new facility, which is expected to come on stream in 2019, will meet roughly 15% of the current total annual demand for EPA and DHA by the salmon aquaculture industry.

DSM YolkFan™

16 shades of yolk

We all have our own notion of the ‘right’ color for an egg yolk. This varies depending on geographical location, cultural context and local traditions. It is also influenced by the culinary use for which the eggs are intended. However, consumers worldwide recognize that a golden yolk invariably comes from a healthy hen. And they are asking for yolks with a deeper shade of orange. 

The DSM YolkFan™ has been the global standard for assessing egg yolk color for many years. In 2016 DSM responded to calls for a higher color standard in Asian markets by introducing a new DSM YolkFan with 16 shades – one more than the previous version.

The accompanying DSM Guidelines for Egg Yolk Pigmentation 2016 are a reliable source of scientific information. Under optimal conditions of animal health and husbandry, they can be used to produce precisely the desired yolk color.