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Prototype parts for high-performance race cars

Prototype parts for high-performance race cars

DSM recently introduced Somos® Taurus for elevated temperature 3D printed part applications. DSM worked together with the customer to optimize the material for real-world motorsport applications.

According to Gerard Winstanley, Toyota Motorsport GmbH's, Manager Composites Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing "We are extremely excited with the durability and side wall quality of the parts. The added temperature resistance of the material has allowed us to expand where we use the material to test new prototype parts for our high-performance race cars, giving us a competitive edge in design and testing.”

Replace metal end caps with high-heat-resistant plastics in charge air cooler (CAC)

Improved engine performance, better fuel efficiency and reduced system costs

OEMs and system suppliers constantly seek to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Recently DSM partnered with the leading automotive system supplier, Mahle GmbH, to replace metal end caps with high-heat-resistant plastics in the charge air cooler (CAC) for Volkswagen’s Crafter light commercial vehicle.

The VW Crafter project required a water-cooled charge air cooler mounted directly on the engine, resulting in shorter cold charge air ducts, leading to improved engine performance. Stanyl® Diablo OCD2300 offers an excellent combination of high mechanical performance, long-term heat aging at extremely high temperatures and good chemical resistance which made it “the” choice for this application

Coating resins protect your car from top to toe

From the ground up

From the chassis and suspension through the bodywork and interior and exterior plastics to the seating, our coating resins help protect your car from top to toe.

Driven by our commitment to growing the sustainable coatings market, in February 2015 DSM began upgrading its facilities in Wilmington (MA), U.S. to produce state-of-the-art waterborne resins for inks and coatings.

The societal trends toward environmentally friendly and renewable products call for novel resin technologies. DSM’s global leadership in waterborne urethane technologies enables our customers to stay ahead of anticipated environmental and regulatory challenges without sacrificing performance. The NeoRez®, NeoRad® and NeoPac™ portfolio of resins are used in the automotive market, amongst many others.