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Our bright science is helping to improve peoples’ lives and preserve the planet every day.
Offshore windfarm construction

World’s biggest offshore wind farm

Walney Extension, off the UK coast, is the first wind farm to employ turbines rated at over 8 MW (actually 8.25 MW). The larger turbines (40 of 87 in total) have 80-meter blades, a swept area of 21,124 m2, and each one rises 220 meters above the seabed. The monopiles weigh up to 970 tons each, and have a diameter of over 8 meters. Luckily, lifting technology is keeping pace.

For the Walney Extension SAL Heavy Lift transported these giant monopiles from Germany and rather than conventional steel or polyester options, decided to use Gleistein DynaOne® slings made with Gleistein DynaOne rope with Dyneema® SK78 fiber designed to lift up to 325 tons each.

The Gleistein slings as configured for SAL weighed five times less than a polyester sling of the same strength and show less than 1% elongation at work load. In total, the lifting configuration was capable of lifting 1,300 tons, comfortably exceeding the 970-tons weight of the monopiles. Further plusses included being soft, making them less likely to damage whatever was being lifted, while a replaceable protection sleeve over the rope, also made with Dyneema, extends the slings’ service life and speeds up rope inspections.

Water management market

Piping hot

The water management market is looking for high-performance polymers able to withstand the stringent requirements of hot-water contact while still meeting all major drinking water approval schemes. Lead contamination in drinking water is a major concern, which has lead to more stringent regulation and the industry to look for alternatives to traditional metals.

In 2016 DSM introduced EcoPaXX® Q-DWX10, a 50% glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide 410 for use in faucet mixing valves. This material enables the design of valves with a lower risk of part failure and water leakage. Lead-free, EcoPaXX base polymer is not only certified carbon-neutral from cradle to gate, but also offers superior toughness, better hydrolysis resistance, improved chemical resistance and dimensional stability. Compared to polyphthalamide (PPA) resins with a similar function, EcoPaXX compounds offer a 30% lower carbon footprint.

And this was just the start. We are now successfully translating our knowledge and experience of high-heat and water-contact applications, such as cooling-systems in cars, into the drinking water contact market where temperatures are obviously lower, but required lifetimes are typically much longer.

ACE machinery


The demands on agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment (ACE) are intense - from improved long term durability and serviceability to ever tighter emissions standards. ACE experience intense use and wear and tear. Using our in-depth knowledge of polyester, acrylic, alkyd, and urethane chemistries, our Uralac® and NeoCryl resins deliver reliable, long-lasting protection against corrosion, chips and chemicals for all sorts of equipment.

Meanwhile, our engineering plastics such as Akulon® and Stanyl® are increasingly found in ACE, from structural parts to under the hood components, and interior and exterior visual surfaces. Engineering thermoplastics are offering ACE manufacturers design freedom, corrosion resistance and weight reduction compared to metal.