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Connected home

The connected home

With the growth in ‘smart’ home appliances that consumers control remotely on their smartphones and tablets, the demand for appliance connector materials that meet the highest flame resistance requirements combined with the required electrical properties grows.

While performance requirements for appliance connectors are increasing there are important regional differences in the standards that are applied. As a result connectors fitted to equipment sold in one region are often made from a different material to those on equipment sold in another region. What would simplify logistics considerably for global manufactures who purchase and market worldwide are connector materials that meet all the relevant industry requirements, wherever they are sold.

Working in close cooperation with leading OEMs and connector manufacturers DSM has recently developed Akulon® SafeConnect and EcoPaXX® PA410 grades, creating a complete portfolio of polyamides that enable OEMs to not only meet the EN 60335-1 international standard on safety of household and similar appliances, but which also meet individual OEM requirements that exceed international standards.

Arnitel® TPE provides YI M1 camera with better grip

Tactile technology

Fledgling Chinese camera maker YI Technology recently chose DSM’s Arnitel® high performance thermoplastic elastomer for the hand grip on its mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the M1.

This is the first time that Arnitel has been used for a digital camera grip, but it has already achieved considerable success among electronics companies producing wearable devices. Arnitel is typically used for straps and smartphone covers, for example.

YI uses a black version of Arnitel on two models of the M1, the Storm Black version and the Ice Silver, with a white grade of Arnitel for products that YI intends to bring to market in the coming months being developed.

Fiber Optic Coatings

Fiber Optic Coatings

Since 1970, when Corning’s Drs. Robert Maurer, Donald Keck, and Peter Schultz paved the way for the commercialization of fiber optics for telecommunications, the company has been a world-leader in optical fiber. Today, with increasing video content on the web and growing usage of cloud-based services, service providers are upgrading their networks from copper wire to optical fiber, boosting Corning Optical Communications’ first quarter revenue in 2016 by 18%.

DSM was therefore proud to announce that it had renewed its strategic relationship with Corning. “The combination of our advantaged optical fiber and an exclusive coating technology provided by DSM solely to Corning will deliver high performance optical fiber” said Barry Linchuck, Corning’s Division Vice President, Optical Fiber Marketing and Product Line Management.