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Enabling the low-carbon economy  

From cellulosic ethanol powering cars, to powering alternative energy sources, from coatings for solar glass to drilling for oil…we’re putting all our energy into saving - and creating - energy.

The great challenge faced by the energy industry – and every one of us as individuals – is simple. No matter how much we try to be sensible, ethical and energy-efficient…the modern world isn’t always set up for us to succeed. Our mission at DSM is to change all that. We’re making good progress…

Solar energy

DSM offers the best-performing anti-reflective (AR) coating for solar cover glass. DSM’s AR coatings, and now photovoltaic backsheet films, play an increasingly central role in the energy economy of the future, boosting the cost/performance ratio of solar energy systems.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Biogas is a renewable energy source that uses biotechnology to break down and convert waste streams and low-value energy crops (manure, sewage, household waste, grains) into energy and fertilizer. Our enzymes are now being used by more than 100 biogas plants to increase their efficiency by up to 15%. We advise plant operators, plant owners and investors on biomass operation and efficiency improvements. The result: A stable biogas plant and more revenues.

We’re also looking at how to help the industry optimize chemical supplies, specifically by turning away from traditional fossil-feedstock-based refineries to biorefineries that use non-edible crops and agricultural residues as a viable alternative to crude oil and natural gas.

DSM is at the forefront of these game-changing developments. Not only do we produce enzymes and yeasts that form the technological heart of the biomass conversion within the biorefinery; we also create new molecules from what the biorefinery produces, creating renewable products for today and generations to come.

Offshore exploration

Offshore exploration

As the planet’s need for oil intensifies so too do the lengths – and depths - to which we search to find it. Our Dyneema® fiber is 15 times stronger than steel yet far lighter. Which is why it’s a key ingredient in a new generation of industrial lines and ropes that are anchoring oil rigs up to two miles below the waves – as well as being used to tow gigantic vessels and equipment needed for oil exploration.