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Our bright science is helping to improve peoples’ lives and preserve the planet every day.
Delvo®Fresh range of quark cultures

Quark cultures

Thanks to the rising demand for sugar-free, high protein-snacks by health-conscious consumers, the interest in quark has grown, expanding beyond traditional markets such as Eastern & Northern Europe. Quark is a high-protein, low-fat, fresh dairy product that contains neither rennet nor added salt, making it the ideal healthy alternative in many recipes.

Helping quark producers to make the most of these rising opportunities and expand their offering to include the smoother and creamier textures and milder flavors consumers now prefer, in May DSM announced it had optimized it’s Delvo®Fresh range of quark cultures to address these consumer demands.

The cultures enable a shorter fermentation time and yield improvement compared to other cultures available on the market and includes customized solutions that allow producers to differentiate on flavor, taste and texture.

Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

Strategic nutrition

In May Fortitech® Premixes by DSM, our custom nutrients premixes service that helps customers develop any formulation to suit their needs, launched the first of a two-part technical paper series focused on nutrition and millennials. Millennials surpassed baby boomers in population for the first time in 2015, making them one-third of the world’s global population.

The paper explored the functional ingredients that may appeal to the millennial generation, the importance of transparency, nutrient gaps to consider, nutrients for childbearing and weight management functional ingredients to consider when developing a product for this audience.

Part two was also recently published, and this covers the nutrients that could be used to target their lifestyle such as sport, exercise, relaxation and energy. In addition, it provides some premix prototypes that may appeal to this generation as well as manufacturing issues to consider for when selecting a premix manufacture. Both these papers, and many others, can be downloaded via the Fortitech Premixes website.

Advancing nutritional science

Advancing science

Besides a deep knowledge and understanding of markets, consumers and the defining trends in our market, our scientists frequently contribute to studies and papers that seek to push the boundaries of what we understand about nutrition.

In December 2015 alone DSM highlighted 4 examples; the first a collaboration with Unilever that used a modeling case study to assess the public health benefit of salt reduction, the second looking at the role of nutritional solutions in reducing the negative health impacts of air pollution, the third examined the links between nutrient status and healthy aging and the last showed that the omega-3 status in US adults is below the recommended level for cardiovascular health.

DSM’s Nutritional Sciences competences enable us to create a wide range of nutritional solutions for both animals and humans covering vitamins, carotenoids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, feed and food enzymes, eubiotics, and bioactive natural ingredients.