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Ten times faster with powder coatings

Ten times faster with powder coatings

When high-end kitchen cabinet manufacturer, Kempa, recently decided to go with DSM’s Uralac® Ultra-based powder coatings, company owner Paul Maeyninckx expected faster processing, but was happily shocked when his team achieved a ten-fold reduction. “Obviously, it depends on the type of substrate and the number of layers,” says Maeyninckx. “But it is possible to use just three minutes of oven time with powder, rather than the half an hour with paint.”

Uralac Ultra is a breakthrough technology that enables first-time-right powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF. It contains no toxic solvents, and its low-energy, no-water process protects the environment as well as the production line. A comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment measures a Carbon Footprint that is five times lower than solvent-borne coatings.

Every one of Kempa’s products is a unique high-end commission, so the company cannot afford to deliver anything less than top-quality product. “Powder coatings are faster to process than liquid paint because there is no priming and less sanding involved,” says Maeyninckx. “There’s also reduced curing time. So you can see why it is ten times faster – especially for single-coat processing. But make no mistake, this increased speed does not impact at all on quality.”


Sustainable carpet technology on a commercial scale

We’re currently very excited by the prospect of enabling the carpet industry to close the carpet materials loop. DSM-Niaga, a joint venture established in 2014, has now concluded successful industrial-scale tests and in June announced it had entered into a Premium partnership with Lacom in Germany. Lacom, a leading manufacturer of customized coating and laminating systems will scale-up the machinery needed to make fully recyclable carpet using the patent-protected, proprietary Niaga® Technology on a commercial scale.

Niaga provides the market with a uniquely sustainable carpet technology; the opportunity to make carpet waste obsolete, with the value chain creating and re-creating raw materials from waste.

Life Cycle Assessments of Niaga and conventional carpet tiles and broadloom carpets show a 40-65% reduction in the environmental impact throughout the full lifecycle. The Niaga fiber binding technology also reduces the energy consumption in carpet production by as much as 95% versus traditional manufacturing processes.

The Niaga technology also replaces the traditional mid-layer in a carpet so it meets the most stringent flame-retardancy standards without the need for any additives and has an improved smoke development performance compared to traditional carpet.