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Manufacturing & Equipment

We’re making it better

We help the world’s manufacturers produce better products. Our resins are used in everything from huge earth-moving vehicles to industrial metal; our plastics are used for industrial pipes and hoses, tubes and tanks; and our Dyneema® material is used in protective gloves.
Manufacturing & Equipment

We know first-hand the need for higher quality, safer, more sustainable (and preferably, cheaper) materials in manufacturing and equipment. So that’s what we provide…

Metal coatings

In metal coatings

We’ve brought a wide range of protective and industrial metal coating applications and products to the market, including high-performance coatings for everything from tiny aluminum cans to huge earth-moving vehicles - and everything in between.

Our coatings can stand up to a range of harsh environments, providing industrial-strength resistance to the elements, as well as oils and fats, despite weighing far less. Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to us to help decrease their environmental impact. In this regard we’re helping to redefine the industry through water-borne and powder-coated resins that are far superior to ‘traditional’ solvent-borne resins (which of course require precious oil and emit more carbon).

Mechanical parts

Advanced thermoplastics such as Stanyl® are increasingly used in a huge range of mechanical parts. They are lighter, stronger; more flexible and more recyclable than traditional materials like metal; which enables engineers to truly broaden their minds and create better, brighter products.

Our Akulon® polyamides are used in everything from valves and pumps to gears and cable ties. Our Arnitel® thermocopolyester elastomer operates in extreme temperatures, making it ideal for industrial pipes and hoses. With each passing year, this family of plastics becomes increasingly built around bio-chemical engineering. In fact, our very latest engineering plastic, EcoPaXX®, is 70% bio-renewable.