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Dyneema® Diamond Technology cut-resistant gloves

Dyneema® Diamond Technology

The popularity of DSM’s game-changing Dyneema® Diamond Technology in the cut-resistant glove market continues to thrive. In the last quarter of 2015 DSM announced new partnerships with Worldwide Protective Products, ATG®, OXXA and TraffiGlove for the use of Dyneema Diamond Technology.

As an official licensee with access to Dyneema Diamond Technology, TraffiGlove has now moved to develop a value position in the cut-resistant glove market. Using its own special coating technology, TraffiGlove coats every individual Dyneema fiber before producing the Iconic gloves to ensure a uniform, bright and permanent color.

OXXA recently extended its protective glove portfolio with a new generation of products that once again raises the bar for the performance, wearability, dexterity and flexibility of safety gloves. Incorporating DSM Dyneema’s advanced technology into this latest product line opens immense opportunities for OXXA’s range of protective gloves.

ATG’s partnership with DSM Dyneema provides access to Dyneema Diamond Technology to develop innovative new work gloves when employed in concert with industry-leading ATG technologies, such as its expertise in developing gloves with proprietary coatings.

Worldwide has become the preeminent U.S. supplier of straight knit protective gloves made from spun yarn Dyneema Diamond Technology material. Combining this revolutionary fiber with Worldwide’s market knowledge and unique knitting and yarn integration capabilities will result in styles that help establish a new standard in cut protection.

EcoPaXX® abrasive brush monofilaments

Abrasive brush monofilaments

Abrasive brush tools are used in a wide variety of industries for cleaning, deburring, structuring and finishing applications. They are generally made using an array of abrasive monofilaments consisting of a polymer to which an abrasive material has been added. The performance of the abrasive brush tool depends to a large extent on the material properties and performance of the polymer employed. Key requirements include continuous use temperature, abrasion resistance, bending stiffness and often UV resistance.

Hahl-Pedex is the world leader in abrasive monofilaments and together with DSM has developed AbraMaXX™, a new series of abrasive monofilaments based on DSM’s bio-based EcoPaXX® Polyamide 410. EcoPaXX has a considerably higher melting point than more traditional polymers while maintaining an equal abrasion resistance and higher bending stiffness. This means that the new abrasive monofilaments can be used at higher temperatures, leading to a higher abrasion index. A higher abrasion index means longer brush tool lifetimes and more removed metal per brush tool weight.