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Packaging & Graphic Arts

The complete package

Can coatings. Food packaging. Roasting and freezer bags. Labels. Glues and adhesives. Film and foil. Inks. Paper and cardboard. Flexible packaging. Film coatings. Intelligent packaging. Our family of plastics and resins make a huge contribution to packaging and graphic arts.
Packaged cheese

Increasingly the world’s brands are waking up to consumers’ desires for safe, user-friendly and attractive packaging, combined with green, clean products with a minimal carbon footprint. Meeting these needs on a global scale is what we’re all about.


Our family of advanced polymers is used especially in the demanding food segment, where safety is imperative. Our materials are used in poultry cooking and roasting bags. They’re freezable and high-heat resistant - which means they can cover almost every packaging need.

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Most importantly our products are reliable. For example, our Akulon® resin provides an extremely effective oxygen barrier. Our NeoCryl® waterborne resins are used to formulate high-quality bottle labeling adhesives.

As well as protecting the contents of the packaging itself, DSM is also looking to improve production. One thorny problem faced by the industry in the production of polyamide film centers on the evaporation and condensation of lactams – a white powder that gets into equipment, facilities and can cause failures in the packaging film. We created a polyamide that releases less lactam into the air – saving time, money and energy.

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Graphic arts

The visual side of packaging is also critical in the fight for attention on supermarket shelves as brands increasingly compete with private label products. But the print on packaging has to meet other stringent requirements, especially in flexible packaging where the ink is part of a multilayer structure of different types of plastic films. The ink needs to be suitable for the oven or microwave – and for this type of flexible packaging our NeoRez™ polyurethanes are used globally.

Our water-based resins are also widely used for printing all kind of paper, board and film packaging applications. For instance, corrugated board can be printed very efficiently with ink based on our NeoCryl resins, reducing the amount of binder required to make an ink, which in turn reduces costs.

The look and feel of a package often comes from a varnish on the outside. Our range of specialty water-based resins are used here, for instance to give a soft feel and matt appearance to a tissue package. Meanwhile our energy curable NeoRad™ resins are used in inks and overprint varnishes for luxury packaging labels and high-end promotional printing.

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Can coatings

Can coatings are another interesting market for DSM, where solvent-based resins remain very much the industry standard. This is because the paint is applied in a controlled industrial environment where the solvents can be collected; which in turn means their energy content can be put to good use (in heating systems, for example). Even if this weren’t the case, the truth is the properties of these solvent-based can paints are so good that no ‘alternative’ systems can match them…at least for now.