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High-efficiency barrier film acclaimed

High-efficiency barrier film acclaimed

Based on its analysis of the market for barrier films in flexible packaging, Frost & Sullivan recognized DSM with the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership. DSM's product portfolio comprises Akulon® PA6 and the latest innovation Akulon XS, both of which are used extensively for film extrusion in food, medical, and industrial product packaging. The Akulon product line addresses a wide range of polyamide barrier film manufacturing needs, such as superior barrier properties and recyclability solutions.

With customers demanding a single film that can be used to package multiple types of products, DSM is the ideal barrier film partner. Due to its flexibility, barrier film developers are increasingly opting for DSM's cost-effective Akulon product in retort packaging for both ready-to-eat products and fresh foods.

"Among resins, Akulon XS is proving a revolutionary product due to its special chemical and morphological structure, which combines the film property advantage of PA6 and the film processing advantage of PA6/66 types of copolymers," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst, Arun Ramesh.

Contract Medical Device Packaging & Sterilization Services

Contract Medical Device Packaging & Sterilization Services

DSM collaborates with its customers to provide fully packaged and sterilized products made to the highest manufacturing and quality assurance standards to ensure easy in hospital use, convenience and safety.

DSM provides package design expertise and assistance to meet all packaging, labelling and branding requirements to meet all Custom Contract Packaging Development needs. This also includes conducting the necessary validations for DFA and ISO regulatory approval and many sterilization methods and validations for our customers’ finished packages or subassemblies.

Pack-Age moisture-permeable cheese ripening membrane

Reducing waste, cost and environmental impact

DSM has quantified the advantages of using its cheese ripening solution, Pack-Age®, over naturally ripened and coated Gouda and Parmesan cheese.

Using Pack-Age across the cheese industry would prevent the loss of around 200,000 tons of Gouda and Parmesan cheese per year, caused in the main due by spoilage and removal of dry rind and coating. In fact, an increased yield of 121,000 tons can be achieved by using Pack-Age. Both factors contribute to the reducing the amount of milk needed by 3.55 billion liters per year.

Pack-Age is a moisture-permeable cheese ripening membrane that enables hard to semi-hard cheeses to mature naturally, without the risk of spoilage by mold. As no coating is used in the process, Pack-Age eliminates the formation of strong dry rind.

1 Smithers Pira Sept 2015