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Making sustainability more than a buzzword

Reduced carbon emissions, social responsibility, environmental quality… these phrases are easy to use. But the true measure of any company’s commitment to sustainability are its actions – and its products.

At DSM we have identified three major areas where our products and services continue to make a real difference to people, planet and profit. These are: Global Shifts, Climate and Energy, and Health and Wellness.

Global shifts

One of the greatest global shifts centers on the increasing role that technology plays in our day-to-day lives, as well as the continuing industrialization of emerging economies like China, India and Brazil.

Our plastics and resins are reducing the environmental impact of computers, mobile devices and other consumer products. That means limiting hazardous materials and emissions; reducing energy and water use; and recycling rare earth metals and minerals. Our products are also used to build everything from homes and offices to cars in a more sustainable way.

Health and wellness

Perhaps the greatest sustainability challenge of all is how a planet with finite resources will be able to sustain an estimated population of nine billion people in 2050. Our increasingly bio-based chemical expertise is helping maximize the yield of the world’s crops; while our vitamins and nutrients are helping to feed two billion malnourished people in the developing world.

Our specialty ingredients for food and beverages are helping to produce food more efficiently with a lower carbon footprint and added health benefits. Beyond sustenance, our biomedical materials are prolonging people’s active lives and our work in regenerative medicine - combining our expertise in the life sciences and the materials sciences - could pave the wave for major developments in the treatment of heart disease and other potentially fatal conditions.

Climate and energy

Lightweight ropes made with Dyneema® are found in an expanding array of offshore uses; from towing seismic streamers to Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) and barge operations and Deep Water Installations to permanent mooring lines.

Looking beyond fossil fuels, we are a major player in the bio-based economy – from bio-refineries to bio-fuels. We are helping to produce the gargantuan windmill blades used for wind turbines. Our anti-reflective glass has helped achieve world records in solar energy conversion.

We also contribute to the planet’s most precious resource: water. We create flocculants that purify water for millions of people in countries like Brazil and India. And our vinylester resins have enabled next-generation pipes and vessels to be built for turning seawater into clean water.