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Materials Sciences

Materials Sciences Award

The Materials Sciences Award 2016, with the chosen theme of “Macromolecular Architectures”, was presented to Professor Steven P. Armes on 25 July in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the advancement of macromolecular architecture applied in many everyday situations, including the development of dirt-repellant coatings and lubricants that reduce wear and fuel consumption.
Professor Steven Armes (photo courtesy of The Royal Society via Professor Arme's Wikipedia Profile)

Open to scientists worldwide, we bestow this award every two years in recognition of outstanding scientific work by an established scientist who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the Materials Sciences field.

Scientists from across the world who have made major contributions to fundamental or applied research in the fields of Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Assembly and Material Characterization on the micro- and meso-scopic scales, can be nominated for the Award. A prime requirement is that the candidate’s research must have significantly advanced the world’s understanding and knowledge of key questions in this specified field.

Previous winner

In 2014 the award was granted to Professor Jiang Ping Gong of the Faculty of Advanced Life Science at Hokkaido University in Japan. The award was in recognition of Professor Gong’s work which has been key to addressing global health and wellness challenges in a world with an aging population and rising global healthcare costs. In 2012 the award was granted to Professor Geoff Coates of the Cornell University in New York (U.S.).