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Global Challenges

Science with societal impact: The way ahead

As the human race continues into the 21st century, our technological progress has mastered much of the world around us. But serious societal challenges remain to be tackled if we want to secure a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.
Science with societal impact for a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

We use our unique Bright Science - developed over the past 110 years - to create new solutions that enable brighter living for mankind. We do it by focusing our unique combination of scientific competences on the defining challenges facing our world in the field of Climate & Energy on the one hand, and Health & Wellness on the other.

These efforts are powered by a comprehensive scientific community that comprises more than 10% of our entire workforce (more than 2,200 people). Complementing this is the scientific knowledge we gain through open innovation with academic and business partners who share our interests, vision and goals to create valuable products and solutions that improve peoples’ lives.