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Science for Society: Climate & Energy

Without reliable sources of global energy, civilization as we know it cannot exist. Our fossil fuel resources are finite, while the way we use our current resources is placing an increasing burden on our planet. Which is why we are convinced that renewable raw materials are the future…
Renewable raw materials are the future

Creating, protecting, reducing

Alternatives to fossil fuels are desperately needed not only for energy purposes, but also for the countless end products where they appear as key ingredients. And as we attempt to develop and create sustainable alternatives, we also strive to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and energy usage across the value chain - and develop high-performance Brighter Living Solutions that create more value with less environmental impact.

Just one example of our response to Climate & Energy challenges is EcoPaXX®, a high-performance thermoplastic that is 70% bio-based (made from castor beans). In the field of solar energy, our anti-reflective coating increases the daily performance of solar modules; while by making smart use of Nutritional Science competences, we found a way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by livestock by up to 30%. And in 2014, our Bright Science led to the opening of the POET-DSM Project LIBERTY. This plant, which turns agricultural residue from corn into renewable fuel for our vehicles, is one of the first commercial-scale bio-ethanol operations in the world.