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Science Can Change the World

The Bright Minds Challenge

Through our Science Can Change the World movement we have highlighted and celebrated the unsung heroes of science – innovators working around the world, often alone, often lacking the resources, support and encouragement they need to put their solutions into practice, but carrying on. Changing the world in small but significant ways.

Now we want to do more than highlight these heroes. Now we want to help new heroes put their solutions into practice, by working collaboratively across DSM and with partners to provide the support they need to bring their solutions to scale.

It's time for the Bright Minds Challenge

DSM and partners are launching the Bright Minds Challenge – accelerating the scaling up and wide adoption of emerging solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. For the inaugural Bright Minds Challenge, we’re focusing on renewable energy solutions that are ready to scale. And not just any form of renewables but solar and energy storage solutions specifically.

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