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Creating a brighter future: ECO+

Measurably better for the planet

How do we preserve and protect our planet and its resources and make business more profitable? This delicate question is why our focus is now firmly on activities, products and innovations that reduce the environmental footprint not just of DSM, but of all our stakeholders. We zoom in on everyone involved in the sourcing, production and use of products at all stages of their life cycle and value chain.
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment graphic

Since 2009, DSM’s ECO+ program has been steering products along their life cycle towards a superior performance and lower environmental footprint than competing mainstream products over their entire life cycle. These ecological benefits can be created at any stage of the product life cycle − from raw material through manufacturing and use to potential re-use and end-of-life disposal.

ECO+ solutions, in short, create more societal value with less environmental impact and form the ‘environmental leg’ of DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions.

Standardized LCA

The life cycle assessment that is the basis for measuring and steering is standardized within the chemical sector. DSM plays an active role in further harmonization and standardization of LCA, for example in its role as a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a group of sustainability minded member companies.