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Extending the lifetime of materials and products

With improved durability or shelf-life

A Circular Economy will keep products, components and materials in use, at their highest value, for the longest possible time. The simplest way to achieve this is to improve their durability or shelf-life in the first instance.

To reduce demand on nature's increasingly llimited resources, DSM is committed to extending the lifetime of its materials and products, and reducing use in its own operations and supply-chain.


Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque fiber

Dyneema Purity®

Dyneema Purity® fiber is stronger than any other biomaterial including medical steel, and is used in various implantable devices ranging from sutures to cardiovascular devices. Dyneema Purity's mechanical performance is combined with softness and pliablity for comfort and therapeutic repairs that last longer.

Natural food preservatives

Natural food preservatives

Preventing food waste is essential and DSM's range of highly efficient natural preservatives protect cheese, fermented milk products, meat, beverages and bakery goods against bacteria, mold and yeast. They work without effecting taste, color or smell and in extending shelf-life, also reduce waste.

High-heat resistant automotive plastic

Stanyl® Diablo

Stanyl® Diablo is a high-heat resistant automotive plastic proven to extend the life of 'Under The Hood' components like charge air cooler end caps, air intake manifolds, air intake ducts, turbo exhaust resonators and engine covers. Stanyl Diablo out-performs all other high performance plastics as a metal replacement in the Hot Zone of a car engine.