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Replacing scarce, toxic and polluting resources

With safe and renewable alternatives

DSM is dedicated to enabling non-toxic closed loop systems by replacing scarce, toxic and polluting resources with safe and renewable ones.

Secondary materials

Recycling of materials will become more sophisticated so increasingly products will be designed and manufactured using secondary rather than virgin materials, underlining the importance of DSM’s ambition. For example, the material properties of a plastic car bumper could be toxic to a child if re-purposed in a toy at a later stage.

DSM's Bright Science and experience in the bio-based economy puts the company in a unique position to offer innovative solutions enabling our customers to close the loop.

Our performance

In our own operations, DSM will step up to sourcing at least 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025.


Window cleaner at work

Anti-Reflective Coating for Solar Glass

DSM is developing innovative breakthrough technologies to boost the cost/performance ratio of solar energy systems. DSM's unique and patented hollow core technology is considered the best-performing anti-reflective coating technology for solar cover glass on the market today. The smooth surface with its closed structure sharply reduces the risk of degradation, and gives the coating unprecedented durability in even the most extreme weather conditions. By enabling more light to enter a solar device, we significantly increase efficiency, and can make a major contribution in the quest for clean energy generation.

Early morning in 'De Wieden'

Biomass alternative for MDF, chip- and plasterboard

DSM, in collaboration with Wageningen UR, a Dutch university and research center, Natuurmonumenten, a national conservation organization and Compakboard, suppliers of green building materials, recently announced they had joined forces to develop a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to MDF, chipboard and plasterboard (now designated hazardous waste) based on the old reeds cleared to maintain De Wieden National Park's unique wetland habitat.

Decorating with no fumes or strong smell

Decovery® plant-based resins

Binders are common to all paint formulations and contain synthetic petroleum-based resins. DSM’s Decovery® plant-based resins use renewable materials as sustainable building blocks for paint and coatings resins. Decovery is our novel plant-based resin technology platform for long lasting paints that enables us to change our environment without impacting it.