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Enabling the low-carbon economy

Shrinking the environmental footprint across the value chain

DSM is active in a wide variety of markets and is dedicated to reducing GHG emissions across the various value chains in which it is active. The company develops and sells various Brighter Living Solutions, so-called because they are measurably better than the mainstream solution on the market in terms of their environmental (i.e. CO2 emissions, resource extraction, waste etc.) and/or social impact (i.e. criteria such as working conditions and health). Brighter Living Solutions currently account for 62% of DSM’s product portfolio.
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment graphic

To determine the environmental impact of a product and its life cycle, DSM uses environmental ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ (LCA). Measurement of GHG or carbon footprint reductions are an integrated part of this. Environmental benefits can be created in all stages of a product life cycle, from raw materials, all the way to the distribution of products, the use phase and end-of-life.