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Reducing our own carbon footprint

Managing greenhouse gas emissions and energy use

DSM actively manages its absolute GHG emissions reduction, GHG efficiency and energy efficiency. Information on our reduction targets for 2020 and our current performance can be found in the “Planet” section of our 2015 Integrated Annual Report. DSM also discloses information about its climate actions in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), to which the company has committed to report climate change information in mainstream reports as a fiduciary duty. DSM is among the leaders of the CDP Super-League Table for global chemicals companies.
Footprint in the sand

Renewable energy

DSM is committed to responsible, efficient use of energy. However, the company depends on the availability of renewable energy via the grid or local energy production. As local policies affect our ability to scale up our procurement of renewable energy, DSM actively collaborates with authorities and other companies to jointly scale-up supply of renewable energy on the grid. DSM is a signatory of the Climate Group’s Renewable Energy 100 (RE100). This initiative brings together the world’s leading companies committed to sourcing 100% of electricity from renewable sources at the earliest possible opportunity. The intermediate target we set for 2025 is for 50% of our purchased electricity to be obtained from renewable sources.

At a local level, DSM takes initiatives for on-site renewable energy generation, for example:

Solar Technologies Demonstration Center, Pune, India, photo ©Ipshita Maitra

Pune, India, Solar Technologies Demonstration Center

Inaugurated in September 2014, this state-of-the-art solar technology center at DSM Engineering Plastics' plant in Pune, India demonstrates and showcases the performance of DSM's innovations in solar technology and generates 25% of the site’s electricity needs.

Belvidere, United States

In December 2014 DSM announced the opening of a solar field at our plant in Belvidere (NJ), United States. The solar field not only stands as a symbol of DSM’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing in the United States, but also produces approximately 30-40% of the Belvidere plant’s electricity needs at peak production.

DSM's plant in Belvidere (NJ), US on winter's day

Internal carbon price

At DSM, using an internal carbon price incorporates the cost of GHG emissions decision-making processes requiring significant capital expenditure. In the current period of first implementation, €50 per ton CO2 equivalents is applied. The number of companies that are applying an internal carbon price is growing. It serves as a useful model for redirecting and scaling up investments towards low-carbon technologies, driving operational efficiencies, especially in markets with a carbon price or in regions where a carbon price is expected to emerge.

To voice DSM’s support for global carbon pricing, DSM has joined the “Carbon Pricing Champions” of the United Nations Caring for Climate initiative and our CEO, Feike Sijbesma, is co-chair of the World Bank – IMF Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.