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Are you searching for paint or coatings that deliver outstanding performance while safeguarding the health of both people and our planet? If so, you’re in the right place. Decovery® is a family of eco-friendly resins with a difference: it’s made primarily from plants. As the heart & soul of plant based paints, Decovery® literally binds the product together, delivering a fine, durable finish in everything from kid’s furniture to walls and wood. 

We’re the first to admit that we are still taking the first steps towards creating a more sustainable paints & coatings industry. But we intend to go a lot further. So if you like what you see, why not join our movement to change the paint and coatings world.

Why choose Decovery® ?

  • Performance

    Decovery® gives you a performance equal to or exceeding traditional waterborne acrylic paints and biobased alkyds.


  • Health

    Decovery® aims to reduce the levels of organic chemicals and other toxins in paint to ensure a safer, healthier environment.

  • Planet

    Fossil-based paints are a major cause of climate change. Which is why Decovery® contains mainly plant-based material.

Meet our Decovery® partners

  • Their mission is to protect and beautify the world with paints and coatings. 

  • Combining tradition and technological innovation in the finest wood coatings.

  • A traditional, family company with a passion for crafting sustainable doors.


  • A network of professionals dedicated to create more sustainable buildings.

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