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Akulon® polyamide 6 and 66 resins

Akulon polyamide resins represent the best value in all-purpose engineering materials. For molded parts, they offer an excellent balance of easy design and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse operating environments. For extrusion uses, the toughness, resilience and processability of Akulon set the market standards.

Our expertise derives from a long history as a leading producer of polyamide resins and our integrated global position in Caprolactam the raw material for PA6. This enables us to play a unique role in working with customers around the world to engineer better solutions to today's challenges.

The Akulon® product portfolio is engineered for optimum performance to suit different processing techniques and end use markets.

  • Various high-viscous, unreinforced Akulon PA6 are used for  extrusion applications including barrier film,   stockshapes,  convoluted tubes, and monofilament.
  • Akulon XPis a high-productivity, high-performance PA6 grade for film extrusion processes.
  • Medium viscosity, unreinforced or reinforced Akulon grades are used for various injection molding and blow molding applications.
  • Akulon® Ultraflow®is a high-productivity, high-performance PA6 family for molding processes.
Better value from Akulon PA6

Akulon PA6 offers a better price-performance balance (i.e. more value) compared to PA66 for most applications where polyamides are used, due to the processing and part appearance benefits of PA6. Although there are differences in melting temperature, moisture uptake and ductility between PA6 and 66, actual performance is virtually identical and the products are interchangeable in about 90% of applications.

For more demanding applications, PA6 or PA66 can be preferred depending on the requirements of the application.
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Key applications for Akulon

[ Intake manifold]  [Engine ] [Powertrain]  
[Airbag containers] [ Exterior trim] [Interior trim]
[ Electrical components and connectors]

Consumer durables
[Power tools]  [Lawn and garden tools]
[Small appliances] [ Sports and leisure equipment]
[ Furniture]

Industrial and mechanical
[Industrial goods] [Transportation]
[Building products]

[Low voltage switch gear/power distribution]
[ Lighting] [Power connectors ]

[ Specialty and barrier films]

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