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Arnitel® TPE copolyester elastomers

Arnitel TPE combines the easy processing advantages of engineering thermoplastics, with excellent mechanical properties and the flexibility of rubbers.

Arnitel does not require vulcanization. This leads to substantial reductions in part cost. Arnitel can be used over a wide range of temperatures. Arnitel has exceptional fatigue resistance, creep resistance and resistance to oils, greases and many other chemicals.

For the typical properties of Arnitel click here.

Arnitel: The really flexible solution

Arnitel has exceptional flexibility and can perform or even outperform functions that normally require conventional rubbers. Available in a wide range of hardnesses, Arnitel is uniquely positioned to replace metals, thermoplastics, leather and rubber, often with a reduction in finished part costs.

Arnitel is extensively used in the automotive industry for applications requiring exceptional fatigue resistance and resistance to oil and greases.

[Rack and pinion bellows] [Constant velocity joint (CVJ) boots] [Air ducts ] [Air bag covers]

Electronics industry

[Low noise gears] [ Antenna covers] [Keypads]

Consumer goods
[Consumer goods]

[Soft touch solutions]

Other industries
[Film] [ Railway pads]

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