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DSM Engineering Plastics launches Arnitel Eco
Sittard,The Netherlands,27 Oct 2010

At K 2010, DSM Engineering Plastics has launched Arnitel® Eco, a bio-based, high performance engineering plastic.

Arnitel Eco is a high performance thermoplastic copolyester (TPC) with a 20%-50% content derived from renewable resources. These renewable resources are made from rapeseed oil, grown in areas where there is no competition with food crops.

Arnitel Eco is designed to last a long lifetime under extreme conditions, making it highly suited for use in automotive interior and exterior, applications in sports and leisure, furniture, consumer electronics and alternative energy.

Arnitel Eco is the latest addition to the Arnitel family. Arnitel copolyesters combine the strength and processing characteristics of engineering plastics with the performance of thermoset elastomers. The material can perform well or even outperform in applications that normally require conventional rubbers.

Francis Aussems, Project Manager Bio-Polyesters for DSM Engineering Plastics, says: “There is a clear customer need for bio-based engineering plastics which combine performance with a reduced carbon footprint. Life Cycle Assessment calculations of Arnitel Eco show a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, cradle-to-gate, of up to 50% versus oil based thermoplastic copolyesters. Our long-standing experience in Arnitel product development and our flexible manufacturing base enable us to bring Arnitel Eco to the market today.”

In addition to its lower carbon footprint, Arnitel Eco adds value thanks to its unique performance. Arnitel Eco shows exceptional resistance against UV light and long term heat exposure. DSM Engineering Plastics will continue to build on the specific property potential of Arnitel Eco and will, in time, expand its portfolio further, to address the specific needs of partners in the various industry sectors served.

Arnitel Eco is available in a hardness range from 40 to 70 Shore D in both injection moulding and extrusion viscosities.

Fredric Petit, Sustainability Director DSM EP, adds: “After the successful launches of EcoPaXX and Palapreg® ECO, Arnitel Eco is the next bio-performance material of DSM and this is fully in line with DSM’s mission to ‘create brighter lives for people today and generations to come’. This mission is supported by DSM’s core value, which states that its activities should contribute to a more sustainable world.”

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