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Press releases 2008

25 Nov 2008Fabuless™¹ from DSM enjoys Asian success

The international success of Fabuless, DSM’s revolutionary weight management ingredient, continues with news that it is the key ingredient in a number of retail concepts now available in the Asia-Pacific region. These launches demonstrate the global appeal of Fabuless and are the commercial reflection of consumer research carried out earlier this year to determine interest and demand for the product in this region.

¹ Fabuless™ is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.

23 Oct 2008DSM Nutritional Products raises the bar in infant nutrition

DSM Nutritional Products has announced the launch of a new grade of micronutrient blends formulated specifically for the infant nutrition market.

21 Oct 2008DSM and Novozymes launch a new feed enzyme to lower protein costs in broiler diets

DSM and Novozymes announce the launch of RONOZYME® ProAct, the first pure protease for the poultry industry. It meets the requirements of modern broiler feeding and reduces feed costs by maximizing protein utilization and improving nutritional value while enhancing animal performance. With the product DSM and Novozymes confirm their leadership through innovation in the field of feed enzymes.

20 Oct 2008DSM Nutritional Products and Kemin present the exciting new visual performance benefits of FloraGLO® Lutein and OPTISHARP® Zeaxanthin

Crowning a year of strategic partnership, Kemin Health, L.C. (Kemin), creator of FloraGLO®, the world's leading lutein brand, and DSM Nutritional Products, a premium ingredient supplier to producers of foods, beverages, and dietary supplements, are set to present results of groundbreaking, proprietary research demonstrating how lutein and zeaxanthin can aid visual performance and reduce everyday eye strain.

29 Sep 2008DSM Nutritional Products Ltd Branch PENTAPHARM introduces ALPAFLOR® ABI COMPLEX AO

Combining its long experience in natural product extraction and the ALPAFLOR® philosophy, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd Branch PENTAPHARM developed ALPAFLOR® ABI COMPLEX AO, a new natural Ecocert certified treatment for irritated and sensitive skins.

23 Sep 2008DSM’s joint health supplement, i-flex™ has been shown to increase generative processes and suppress destructive processes in human cartilage cells in-vitro

DSM Nutritional Products was at the World Congress on Osteoarthritis in Rome last week to present new research that demonstrates additional benefits for their new joint health supplement, i-flex™ .

16 Sep 2008DSM welcomes findings on brain-health benefits of Beta-Carotene

The results of two studies initiated in the 1980s indicate that β-carotene provides long-term benefits to memory and may significantly help to preserve mental fitness when taken as a supplement over many years.

15 Sep 2008DSM Nutritional Products launches a new Omega-3 powder for infant nutrition

Leading nutritional ingredients producer DSM Nutritional Products has launched the best Omega-3 fish oil powder to date for maternal and infant nutrition. This new formulation, ROPUFA® ‘10’ n-3 INF Powder S/SD, contains the ideal balance of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) for infant formula. It is odorless and tasteless, and it is ideally suited to meet the highly demanding standards set by the infant nutrition industry.

01 Sep 2008DSM wins the innovation award with the iCheck® Egg

The CAROPHYLL® Check solution for the egg processing industry, validated by the DSM iCheck®, is a tremendous opportunity for egg users to have a raw material that will enable them to market products that correspond to the wishes of consumers. The traceability of the use of CAROPHYLL® throughout the process is essential to ensure a consistent quality standard.

1 Sep 2008DSM fuels health & wellness at HiE

DSM, Stand number G002 / G004, Paris, France, 4 – 6 November 2008
Innovative health and wellness concepts will be DSM’s major focus at HiE.

28 Aug 2008Manage weight in an instant with new Fabuless™ powder from DSM

DSM has expanded its portfolio of innovative weight management solutions with the launch of Fabuless DE.

19 Aug 2008DSM Nutritional Products increases prices for Beta-Carotene and Lycopene

DSM Nutritional Products announces a global price increase for Beta-Carotene and Lycopene.

18 Aug 2008DSM Nutritional Products increases prices for QUALI™ -BLENDS

DSM Nutritional Products announces a double-digit price increase worldwide for QUALI™ -BLENDS marketed in the human nutrition industries.

18 Jul 2008DSM Nutritional Products increases price of VevoVitall

DSM Nutritional Products announces a global price increase of VevoVitall® by 35%. VevoVitall is the environmentally friendly, high performance, ultra pure form of benzoic acid. This adjustment is effective immediately for all newly contracted business.

14 Jul 2008SIGHT AND LIFE, the humanitarian arm of DSM, launches Podcast Series on Hidden Hunger

Solving hidden hunger – a condition that stunts the lives and livelihood of two billion people worldwide – is the focus of a new podcast series from SIGHT AND LIFE, the humanitarian arm of DSM, a worldwide provider of nutritional ingredients.

24 Jun 2008DSM joins select “Pathfinders” and attains Carbon Trust Standard Certification

Royal DSM N.V. today announces that its Scotland based vitamin manufacturing facility has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard certification.

05 Jun 2008New study by DSM Nutritional Products and LifeGen Technologies show that a compound in red wine is found to keep hearts young

New scientific studies conducted by LifeGen Technologies, LLC, a leading genomics company based in Madison, WI in collaboration with Swiss-based DSM Nutritional Products indicate that low doses of resveratrol, a natural constituent of red wine may have significant health benefits for the heart and other organs.


Fabuless™, the successful weight management ingredient from DSM, proven to increase the feeling of satiety, has been selected as the key ingredient in SlimShots™, an exciting, new sugar-free supplement shot on the U.S. market.

30 May 2008DSM and ADM have reached an agreement

DSM and ADM announced that they have reached an agreement in a patent infringement dispute concerning DSM’s U.S. Patents 5,648,261 and 5,879,927 and ADM's Ecotone® Phaffia Astaxathin product.

28 May 2008DSM welcomes findings on additional health benefits of Beta-Carotene

New research by Professors Wolfgang Köpcke and Jean Krutmann indicates that increased consumption of β-Carotene-rich food may provide long-term systemic protection against sunburn.

22 May 2008‘The goodness of fish without the fishy’: DSM brings ROPUFA® production process fully back in house and delivers a superior product quality .

The production is now successfully running again at the DSM plant based in Sisseln (CH).

22 May 2008DSM announces major meat traceability initiative in China

DSM, the world’s largest producer of vitamins for animal feed, is to enter into a strategic partnership with Yunnan Shennong Agriculture Group to supply its Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN®) Premix in Yunnan Province in South West China.


DSM Nutritional Products has announced the launch of QUALI™-BLENDS.

29 Apr 2008DSM Nutritional Products increases price of all fat soluble vitamins by a minimum of 10% for all Food, Pharma & Personal Care industries.

DSM Nutritional Products announces a global price increase for all fat soluble vitamins.


DSM has announced the introduction of a new ‘Total Concept’ – a unique, integrated approach to egg production and processing.

17 Mar 2008DSM Nutritional Products increases price of vitamin A by 10% for all Food, Pharma & Personal Care industries.

DSM Nutritional Products announces a worldwide price increase of vitamin A by 10% for all Food, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries.

07 Mar 2008DSM Nutritional Products increases price of VevoVitall®

DSM Nutritional Products announces a global price increase of VevoVitall® by 10%.

04 Mar 2008Commitment to success: DSM and Novozymes confirm alliance

DSM Nutritional Products and Novozymes restate their commitment to the feed market by renewing their strategic alliance agreement.

04 Mar 2008Lutein and zeaxanthin improve the visual performance of healthy people

New findings published in Optometry and Vision Science on February 1st 2008 indicate that lutein and zeaxanthin play a wider role than was previously thought in improving human eyesight.

03 Mar 2008DSM highlights latest health innovations at Vitafoods 2008

DSM Nutritional Products, stand 847, Vitafoods, Geneva, 6 – 8 May 2008

12 Feb 2008DSM Nutritional Products launches a new GMO-free and peanut oil-free Vitamin A oily form

DSM Nutritional Products announces the launch of a new form of oily Vitamin A combining both GMO and allergen-free benefits for the Food, Dietary Supplement and Personal Care industries.

23 Jan 2008Teavigo® by DSM and Teacare®’s collaboration continues to set new standards

The Teavigo® Seal of Guarantee can now be found on a variety of products in most parts of the world, not least in the Netherlands, where the success-product Teacare® is being marketed and distributed through the Dutch pharmacies.

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