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Jürgen H. Aurer appointed Managing Director at Euroresins

As part of the recent Joint Venture agreements signed between DSM Composite Resins and BÜFA, Jürgen Aurer will become the new Managing Director at Euroresins, DSM’s and BÜFA’s subsidiary premium pan-European distribution business for the composites industry.

As part of the joint venture Euroresins will become the sole European distributor of products from DSM and BÜFA, and will also work for major industry suppliers of other materials such as glass, peroxides and auxiliaries

“Euroresins will become the first ever one-stop-shop for the European composites industry,” explains Aurer, “I’m delighted to have the opportunity of such a central role in a company which I believe will revolutionize the way small to mid-sized firms source their composite resins. Not only can we meet the product needs of our customers, but we also bring the combined expertise of the biggest players in the industry to the doorsteps of smaller firms. In addition we are agile enough, because we have the right size and mindset to effectively service this tier of market players.”

Prior to this role Jürgen Aurer held the position of Managing Director at BÜFA Reaktionsharze GmbH & Co. KG. Now he’ll be responsible for ensuring the seamless consolidation of DSM and BÜFA’s European distribution joint venture.

Euroresins is to offer an unprecedented high performance interface to customers across Europe by acting as a span breaker intermediary between the largest firms and the smaller companies who have found it harder to gain full access to the expertise necessary to use the latest technologies and products in composite materials manufacturing.

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