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Ovocacy or why do you have to keep your egg
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    A golden yolk is always coming from a healthy hen, also in Nigeria

    I had the opportunity to visit Nigeria and to learn firsthand about the feed and the egg market of Western Africa. The reality today is hunger and disease is still a big problem and economic inequality is easy to find everywhere. Even in these conditions, I found that egg farmers evaluate the quality of the feed, by the color of the egg yolk. Even one of the feed mills has a line of feed that is called ‘Golden Yolk”. Is this a correct approach?

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    It is hard to find low quality eggs in the supermarket

    I was talking to an American colleague last week and we were discussing egg quality and the customer perception. Even as there is a shortage of eggs in the USA market, still the quality of the shell eggs in the shelf is actually very good. Egg producers, distributors and retailers take really good care on selecting only the best eggs to go to the table of the consumer and that is true for many industrialized countries where eggs have been branded. Just like milk, eggs is one of the most branded animal products. When branding, keeping a good name via quality is paramount.

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    Do you care more about what the eggs do for you or where the eggs are coming from?

    Do you care about how the hen producing your eggs was maintained and raised? We have very different consumer attitudes towards this very question. All of them relevant when deciding how to produce eggs and how to select eggs for your breakfast or dinner.

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