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DSM in Automotive

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High heat resistant plastics for air intake systems

Do you need to achieve metal or rubber replacement in the air management system and Under the Hood (UTH) components? Our high performance, high heat resistant automotive plastics enable lighter and smaller components – and are proven to perform at the fiercest temperatures for applications ranging from air ducts and resonators to end caps, air intake manifolds and engine covers.

We can help you squeeze greater performance from smaller, hotter engines with materials like our Stanyl® Diablo polyamide 46 and Akulon® Diabolo polyamide 6.

They are up to 40% lighter than metal, easier and more flexible to process; while delivering all the mechanical properties you expect. In fact we can extend the functional life of components well beyond the limits of other high temperature polyamides.

Reduce system costs of air management systems

Most importantly, our plastics deliver reduced system costs in the air intake system, enabling metal-to-plastic replacement in turbo engine components. Our materials combined with application development expertise, research heritage and extensive knowledge will help you design lighter and more efficient air management systems.

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