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DSM in Automotive

Stanyl Diablo: Proven performance by integration of AIM & CAC

A next-generation hybrid sports car features the world’s first high-heat plastic air intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler (CAC). And it’s made from Stanyl® Diablo – our high temperature resistant polyamide 46.

The injection molded manifold - made from a 40% glass fiber reinforced grade of the plastic - operates at 220°C.

It represents one of the first examples of metal-to-plastic replacement when integrating the cooler into the air inlet manifold. The result: reduction of the air duct length, which improves engine responsiveness and delivers higher performance while meeting all the latest gas emission requirements.

Reduce weight and systems cost in Air Inlet Manifolds

But that’s only half the story: Stanyl Diablo polyamide 46 provides a weight reduction of up to 40% versus aluminum, and its optimized processing characteristics reduce system costs. It combines very good mechanical performance with outstanding high temperature resistance, retaining its high stiffness even under continuous-use temperatures of up to 220°C.