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DSM in Automotive

Engine covers with better flow and appearance: We’ve got it covered

Engine housings with outstanding processing characteristics, minimal warpage, and excellent surface appearance are what you want. And that’s what our automotive plastics deliver.

Our Akulon® polyamide 6 and EcoPaXX bio-based, polyamide 410 enable you to produce engine covers more efficiently with lower system costs thanks to our flow and easier processing.

Our materials also help you produce engine covers with improved design flexibility compared to polypropylene along with the outstanding surface appearance demanded by consumers.

Improved processing and cost reduction in engine housings

To achieve even greater production efficiencies in engine cover manufacturing, you should consider our specialst Akulon® Ultraflow™ grade. This glass and mineral-reinforced polyamide 6, delivers 80% improved flow and a 25% reduction in injection molding cycle times versus regular polyamide 6 grades and provides a superior finish to reinforced nylon components.

Because the material enables thinner wall thicknesses of up to 20%, you need less material to produce engine covers – thus giving engineers more design freedom.