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DSM in Automotive

Making warpage history in automotive engine covers

Akulon® Ultraflow™ is our glass and mineral-reinforced polyamide 6 with outstanding flow properties and low warpage. It delivers a versatility of benefits to a growing number of automotive engine cover manufacturers, including the US-based automotive specialist, Miniature Precision Components (MPC).

akulon ultraflow engine cover

Engine covers with outstanding processing characteristics, minimal warpage and excellent surface appearance are what every manufacturer desires. In the case of MPC, Akulon Ultraflow delivered on all these criteria.

Specifically MPC chose Akulon Ultraflow K-FHGM24 (10% glass fiber reinforcement with 20% mineral filler) thanks to its ability to produce parts with significantly lower warpage than other glass reinforced, mineral-filled nylons. This has resulted in significant cost, mainly because of eliminating the need for anti-warpage cooling fixtures to be employed immediately after the molding process.

Reduced cycle times

The faster flow of Akulon Ultraflow is also reducing cycle time for MPC’s plastic engine covers, further reducing system costs. And because the material enables thinner wall thicknesses of up to 20%, less material is needed to produce parts – which in turn gives engineers more design freedom.

Not surprisingly the material’s outstanding mechanical performance combined with excellent aesthetic properties has prompted MPC to start considering whether Akulon Ultraflow could now be used for other legacy production parts.