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DSM in Automotive

Lower your system costs with plastic charged air cooler end caps

By manufacturing hot and cold site charged air cooler end caps from thermoplastics instead of metal you can achieve significant cost and weight reduction – in fact the lowest system cost in a plastic part.
Man holding a side CAC end cap

Our Akulon® and Stanyl® automotive plastics have a 15-year track record of supporting automotive system suppliers and OEMs. Specifically, our Stanyl Diablo polyamide 46 is proven to extend the life of charged air cooler end caps.

Reduce weight and cost in CAC end caps

Stanyl gives you the best stiffness and creep at high temperatures - up to 260°C - of any material for charged air cooler end caps. This in turn allows thinner walls, reduced weight and material cost – and of course lower CO2 emissions. We can also help you reduce molding costs and improve productivity and assembly through Stanyl. They enable better processing and improved flow, leading to shorter cycle times.

Improved fatigue resistance in CAC end caps

Stanyl for charger air cooler end caps gives you fatigue resistance compared to PPS or PPA, withstanding the pressure variation of the charged air.

If your heat requirement isn’t quite as extreme, our Akulon and Akulon Diablo polyamide 6/66 materials will enable you to produce end caps with excellent stiffness, creep and fatigue resistance at “cold” side temperatures of up to 150°C and hot side of up to 220°C.