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Welcome to the Hot Zone – a new standard in high heat resistant plastics for air management systems

If you’re looking for automotive plastics to design smarter, lighter and longer-lasting air management systems that are super-heat resistant and squeeze more power from smaller engines… you’re in the right place.

Our high-heat resistant Stanyl® Diablo and Akulon® Diablo automotive plastics have helped the automotive industry design Under the Hood (UTH) applications and air intake systems that weigh less and cost less. Yet still provide long-term heat resistance in turbo engines.

Now we’ve raised the stakes again - with our very latest Stanyl Diablo HDT2700 and Akulon Diablo HDT2500 grades. From air intake manifolds and engine covers to hot/cold CAC end caps to turbo resonators and air ducts we guarantee outstanding  heat resistance and performance.

Designing high heat components using Diablo technology

Choose Stanyl Diablo HDT2700 polyamide 46 and Akulon® Diablo HDT2500 polyamide 6, and you can design high heat resistant components for air management systems with a continuous use temperature of up to 230°C with an HDT of 267°C .

  • This enables you to design lighter and more compact air intake systems and achieve metal and/or plastic replacement in under the hood (UTH) components.
  • Reduced weight of plastics means reduced fuel consumption, carbon emissions and system costs in air management systems.
  • It gives you more freedom to design UHT engine parts and incorporate new features like improved pedestrian impact protection and the increasing use of turbochargers and superchargers.
  • Our latest Diablo grades give you improved resistance to chemicals and gases in EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems and excellent processing properties.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll help you survive and thrive in the Hot Zone.