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DSM in Automotive

High heat resistant plastics that truly resonate

Do you want to reduce cost and weight in turbo exhaust resonators? Our family of automotive plastics is proven to perform at high temperatures and pressures.
Hand reaching for a turbo resonator lying on a table

The turbo resonator can operate at peak temperatures of up to 260°C when made using our latest heat resistant Akulon® Diablo HDT2500 and Stanyl® Diablo HDT2700 grades.

One of the most significant advantages of the Diablo family for turbo exhausts is its weld line strength and thus the ability to maintain strength (mechanical performance) after aging of the weld line. All this while delivering significant weight reduction.

Achieve metal and PPS, PA & PPA replacement in turbo exhaust resonators

Our automotive plastics offer you major benefits over both metal and other plastics in the turbo exhaust.

For metal replacement, Stanyl and Stanyl Diablo are 40% lighter– which equates to lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions (important for the industry as regulations tighten around the world). It also helps you achieve reduced systems costs of up to 20% in your turbo resonators through improved processing and function integration.

When it comes to PPS replacement, we can help you achieve weight reduction of 10% through the design of components that, thanks to Stanyl, have thinner walls.