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DSM in Automotive

Thermoplastics for automotive electronics

Our engineering plastics support four major trends in the field of automotive electrical and electronics (E&E): Mass reduction for cost savings, increased miniaturization, design flexibility, and better heat management. We’re achieving this for customers today across a range of components from control modules to connectors to various e-car parts.

In automotive E&E we offer you a wide range of grades that provide best-in-class operating temperatures, high-flow properties that allow the design of thinner walls; and a full portfolio of halogen-free, flame retardant materials.

Benefits in Electrical & Electronics

Our materials help you create thin-wall designs and improve production cycle times by 25 to 40 percent. While voltage demands are higher with increased electrification of the vehicle, our thermoplastics solutions not only allow for the design of components with thinner walls but they also minimize the chances of electrical breakdown in the form of tracking.

These innovative solutions support miniaturization, easily withstanding the high temperatures of surface-mount soldering techniques (SMT), as well as the high-heat environment of more compact engine compartments.

We offer increased design flexibility for components by providing the ability to reduce form factors (component size); design more robust flexible features; and withstand high-service temperatures.